Last day was a very busy day…




The Principal of IES Jaroso, Daniel Campos, together with the Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández Liria, Almería’s Education Delegate Francisca Fernández and the school’s Erasmus + coordinator Eulalia Pérez.IMG_9954.JPG


Closing party at IES Jaroso IMG_9989.JPGIMG_9992.JPGIMG_0002.JPGIMG_0014.JPGIMG_9646.JPGIMG_9662.JPGIMG_9666.JPGIMG_9669.JPGIMG_9671.JPGIMG_9676.JPGIMG_9734.JPG

Museum of the School / Museo de la Escuela

They learned how it was to be a student in the 50s in Spain.



IMG_9796edditadaIMG_9801 editadaIMG_9804IMG_9807IMG_9812IMG_9818 efectIMG_9822IMG_9828IMG_9831IMG_9834IMG_9838 efectIMG_9842IMG_9845IMG_9849IMG_9850efectIMG_9856 efectIMG_9860IMG_9865efect

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