Spanish mobility, 5th day: good bye, Erasmus +!


Last day was a very busy day…




The Principal of IES Jaroso, Daniel Campos, together with the Mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora, Antonio Fernández Liria, Almería’s Education Delegate Francisca Fernández and the school’s Erasmus + coordinator Eulalia Pérez.IMG_9954.JPG


Closing party at IES Jaroso IMG_9989.JPGIMG_9992.JPGIMG_0002.JPGIMG_0014.JPGIMG_9646.JPGIMG_9662.JPGIMG_9666.JPGIMG_9669.JPGIMG_9671.JPGIMG_9676.JPGIMG_9734.JPG

Museum of the School / Museo de la Escuela

They learned how it was to be a student in the 50s in Spain.



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Mobility to Germany – Travel journal of Michela Calabi from Naples, Italy


Today’s the the first day here in Germany.
We took the plane this morning at 7 a.m., so we had to wake up at 4:30 a.m…really tiring.
During the flight I was very excited and I couldn’t stop thinking of Andra, my corrispondent!
Anyway, we had to make a change at Frankfurt’s Airport; we had to wait for three hours….so long! But in the end it wasn’t bad because I talked to Carolina, Federica and Claudia – the other girls who came to Germany with me – and at 12:55 we took another plane. When we arrived in Bremen, Andra came and she hugged me.

We arrived at Andra’s house and I what I saw was breathtaking; her house is very big, with two floors and a garden outside.
Then we went out and met some of the other guys in Westerstede principal square.
We came back home and at about 7:30 we had dinner, which was really strange for me; in Naples we’re used to have dinner at 8:30/9 p.m., while here at that time we should go to sleep. Absolutely different!

Today we went to school. I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. and this was very difficult for me, because I usually wake up at 7:20. We stayed in a big classroom with all the Erasmus students and teachers and we played some games to get to know each other. At first, I was a bit shy and confused, due to the enormous amount of names, people told me, but in ten minutes, I was already speaking to everyone. After that we saw the other’s country presentation and we presented ours; then the Major of Westerstede came to give us his welcome. At about 1 p.m. we had lunch in the canteen all together and I had a lot of fun because of the great atmosphere we created!
In the afternoon we did the “Ralley” in the town, which consists in answering some questions, on the tour of the city.
When we came back school we had some free time to spend together and at 6:30 we had dinner in the canteen.


Today it was the day of the visit to Wangerooge lighthouse and so we had to wake up very early because the appointment with the others was at 6 a.m.
We took the bus and, honestly, inside of it we made a lot of noise with music.
When we arrived the weather was extremely windy and cold, but I didn’t notice it that much, because we were all together making jokes and games.
We did the rally all around Wangerooge Island, we saw the lighthouse and the Westtower and then we walked to another small village, we saw another lighthouse and hung around. I stayed with all German students and one Greek student, but he’s able to speak German, so they started kidding me because I was the only one who didn’t understand German…I BECAME REALLY ANGRY! No, of course I’m just joking. Anyway, we went to the seaside and met the others on the beach.
After that we took the bus and came back home.

This morning we went to school and did some activities: we created boardgames.
In the afternoon we went to another small village and saw another lighthouse; actually it was really small and cute. Carolina and I ate the typical waffel with Nutella…we don’t care that much about diet…
Then we came back home.


Today morning we went to school and we played the games we created yesterday. It was simply amazing, because the games were really funny and we all laughed a lot.
In the afternoon we had free time and we went to Friederike’s house, where we played really nice games and ate lots of chips. Oops!
And, finally, at 8 p.m. the party at Andra’s house started with all the students and the teachers. I enjoyed it so much, even because they put up decorations and It was like a disco, with lights and music and food and everything!
We had a really good time tonight, I will never forget it.


This morning we went to Bremenhaven and we went up to the terrace; the view was absolutely breathtaking! Then we did an interactive tour of the Immigration German Centre. Personally, I think it was such an interesting thing to do and very original, like everything we did during the week.
In the afternoon we visited Oldenburg, which is a very nice and welcoming city where I bought some presents for my friends and family.
And when we came back to Westerstede, everyone started crying, because it would be the last time we would see each other. It was destroying.


Today’s the last day in Germany and each foreign student stayed with his/her corrispondent family.
I went to a lovely city – whose name I don’t remember at the moment – with Andra, her parents and her sister. We enjoyed the whole day, relaxing in some parks and looking for some souvenirs.
At about 4 p.m. we took the car and started travelling to the airport, where we had to say goodbye. It was very difficult for me, because I fell in love with Andra and her family and the house and the dog. I love Germany and I promised I would come back there one day, sooner or later. We couldn’t stop crying, but I know I’ll never forget this amazing experience.

Michela Calabi from Naples, Italy

The greek team visits two lighthouses

The greek team has visited some lighthouses in the North of Greece. The first one was the lighthouse in Drepano of Antirrio and the second one the lighthouse in Kopraina of Arta. They learnt lots of things about lighthouses and they had fun as well. Here are some photos of their visits.

On Sunday, they are preparing another one in Rethymno and in Chania. Great work!!!