Erasmus + KA2- Photo Contest 2018 – Calendar


Within the context of the 3rd transnational meeting of the European KA219 ERASMUS+ project entitled “Keep on shining: a project on lighthouses” that was carried out last October in the 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion, a student photo exhibition took place on the subject the lighthouses.
More specifically, students from :
(1)IES JAROSO school of Cuevas del Almanzora region in Spain,
(2) from the Merenojan school of Kalajoki region in Finland,
(3)from the Liceo Ginnasio GB Vico of Naples in Italy
(4) from the Europaschule Gymnasium of Westerstede region in Germany and
(5) the 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion,

exposed their photos in a specially designated place of the host school, for a period of 4 days. During the exhibition, all the students and the professors of the 13th Gymnasium as well as the students’ parents, and the 17 guest students and the 8 guest professors of the other participant countries, voted for the best photograph.

The entries for the photo contest were:
(1.) Spain with 10 photos,
(2.) Italy with 10 photos,
(3.) Germany with 11 photos,
(4.) Finland with 11 photos and
(5.) the 13th Gymnasium with 14 photos.

According to the results of the vote, 9 student photos won the most votes . These photos are included in the school calendar for the year 2018, which is going to be distributed to all the participants in the European project, students and professors alike .
The results and the placement of the photos that took part in the competition are as follows:

1st Prize : Pattakos Costas, (Greece)
2nd Prize : Alessio Pagano, (Italy)
3rd Prize : Johanna Hihnala, (Finland)
4th Prize : Silja Siipola, (Finland)
5th Prize : Roberta Infascel , (Italy)
6th Prize : Anna Brunken , (Germany)
7th Prize : Aaron , (Germany)
8th Prize: Estanislao Alexis, (Greece)
9th Prize: Alexis Giannis, (Greece)


ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018b

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018c

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018a

Valeria’s diary: My experience in Crete

by Valeria Acquaviva, class 3A

First Day: Monday
This morning, when I got up, I was so excited. I had a shower, I got dressed and I had breakfast with milk and biscuits. When we arrived at school, I met so many people and all of them looked nice. We played a lot of games to introduce to each other, then we had a break and we tried to build a mosaic: Hilario, a Spanish teacher, showed us how to do. He is very skillful!
Later we had lunch with some of Marianita’s friends, they were very friendly to me. Marianita isn’t only my correspondent: she is a true friend!
I tasted pita, it is a traditional Greek dish, and I liked it so much!
We came back home, and so I could relax. Later we went to school and we put our pictures of the lighthouse on the wall for the photo contest.
In the evening we went to a party at a student’s cottage, we listened to music, we danced and we had a lot of fun!
Now I’m at home, it’s only the first day and I’m so tired… but I’m happy and I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Day 2: Tuesday
Like yesterday, we went to school and there, we took the coach and we went to Heraklion centre. So we had a tour with some tablets that showed us what the city was like many years ago. At 11 o’clock we went to Starbuck’s and I ate a delicious muffin.
We went to the museum, we saw many ancient vases, jewels and paintings of Minoan civilization. I think the visit was very interesting and the tour guide was very professional but,unfortunately, many guys didn’t like it.
We came back home, we relaxed and then we went to a party. We played volleyball and we had fun all together.
We came back home… I wished this day had not ended so soon!
Day 3: Wednesday
When I got up, I was tired but I was so excited to see the other guys. At 8 o’clock, we arrived at school, we took the coach and we went to ”Crete Aquarium”. We saw many different kinds of fish and we took many photos, then we went to Cnosso palace and we listened to the tour guide about its history: it was very interesting. Later we went shopping and we bought a lot of souvenirs, we had a lot of fun, taking selfies with funny hats and sunglasses and we came back home. When we came back school we built five small models of the lighthouses, one for each country. It was nice working all together!
After school we went to a park where we could talk and play. I had dinner at home, Marianita’s mum cooked a fantastic pie and she promised tomorrow I would taste some traditional food. While I’m writing, I’m smiling, and I don’t know why…
Day 4: Thursday
This morning I got up very early because we had to go on trip. We took the coach and there we had a lot of fun, singing and talking together. We arrived in Chania: it is a small city, but it is very nice.
We went to the Venetian port, the view was very suggestive and I took so many photos that I finished the free storage of my camera…How will I live now without taking photos? I have to admit: I love taking photos so much!
Then we visited Chania lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in all the Mediterranenan sea. It was a bit far, so we had to walk a lot. Later we had the time for an ice-cream in an Italian ice-cream shop. It was delicious. So we came back to the coach and we went to Rithymna and we saw an other lighthouse, but I didn’t like it too much because it is forsaken.
We took a coffee all together and we came back home. This day was very tiring but we saw so many interesting things, and I had a lot of fun with my new European friends!
Day 5: Friday
Today it was very relaxing. In the morning we went to school and we presented many important people from our countries and we talked about them, so it was very interesting, as we could learn many things. Later we came to school to vote the photos displayed at the exhibition. We had lunch at home, so I could try another traditional Greek dish, that was really delicious. Later, we went to a party at school, beautifully organized with students’ and professional dancers’ performances. We danced some traditional Greek dance all together with teachers and parents. It was fantastic! Also the buffet prepared by parents was great! Now we are at home and I have to go to bed, so tomorrow I will be energetic again!
Day 6: Saturday
This was the last day when we could stay all together. We went to the beach at Agios Nicolaus and we swam, we went to visit Spinaloga, a very interesting desert island, and at the end we went to Ioanna’s place for a party where we could have fun all together for the last time.
Now I feel so sad, I don’t want to leave…
This week was the best of my life: I met so many nice people and now I have a lot of friends in many different countries. I think this project is amazing! But tomorrow I’m leaving for Italy…
I wish I could participate in another mobility!
I hope I can meet my new friends again!