“Keep on shining!” Photo contest

 photo contest


WHO: The “Keep on Shining!” Photo Contest is open to all students of the schools participating in the Erasmus + Project.


WHAT: We are looking for original, striking and beautiful images of lighthouses. Each photo submission must be accompanied by a brief title, as well as the place where the photo was taken.


WHEN: All entries must be submitted in each school by 25th  September 2017.


Voting for the 10 best pictures of each school will take place on 2nd October 2017.

These 10 best pictures will be part of the photo exhibition in Heraklion’s mobility together with the other countries. That means, in Heraklion 50 pictures will be exposed.


Voting for the 12 best pictures of these 50 will take place on Friday 20th October 2018.


HOW: All pictures must be printed in prhotographic paper, size A4. No exceptions are to be made.Up to 2 photographs may be submitted per person.



Students and teachers at each school will participate in the 1st voting. Each school will decide the way of doing it.

The Erasmus’ students and teachers in Heraklion’s mobility will participate in the 2nd voting.


WINNING ENTRIES: All entries may be used by our Erasmus + Project  in printed publications, on our web, in a slideshow, or in any other media, and may be copied and displayed in any country, provided that all uses are accompanied by appropriate attribution to the photographer. Entrants retain ownership and all other rights to future use of their photographs.

The winner of the best one photo will win …..the Erasmus’ whole team respect and …a small present from the host country.

The 12 best pictures’ selection will be printed as a project’s calendar.

A selection of winning photos may be featured on our website- keeponshining.eu, twitter @keeponshiningpr and instagram @keeponshiningpr and in exhibitions at the participant schools.


LEGAL CONDITIONS: Entry of photographs into the Contest implies acceptance of these conditions, regardless of whether entrants sign a statement confirming acceptance.

Copyright: By entering, you retain copyright and remain the owner of your images and may also continue to use them in any manner you choose. You agree that the images you submit may be used in printed publications, on the project’s website in a slideshow and screensaver, may be uploaded on the project’s social media channels, or in any other media, and may be copied and displayed in any country provided that you are afforded appropriate attribution as the photographer.

“Οι μοναχικοί φάροι της ελπίδας”

Our greek partners keep working in a fabulous way!

They have created we have created a second group of students, who cannot take part on the mobilities of our Erasmus+ project. It is a group of about 40 students aged 13 and 14 years old and its name is “Οι μοναχικοί φάροι της ελπίδας”.

This group has the following goals:

1. to give the opportunity to more than 16 students to be part of a creative project that will study the Greek lighthouses .
2. to disseminate the Erasmus+ project to more than 16 students and thus, its impact will be wider in our school.
3. to travel with them in Greece, in order to see in situ several Greek lighthouses .
Yesterday, the two groups met all together and they drew two big panels, with their imaginary lighthouses. These are the photos from our meeting.
Great work and congratulations!!

Lighthouse of feelings

Our colleague Isabel Parra has organized this beautiful contest to celebrate the Peace Day on 30th January. Every 1st grade class should decorate their own door according to the “Lighthouse of feelings” theme. Each class should design their own lighthouse and it had to contain messages regarding this four aspects: equality between men and women, positive coexistence, habits for a healthy life and emotional intelligence.

The results are amazing and we are very proud of the students and theacher who have made this project possible!!

It is also a wonderful way of including the lighthouses inside our school.

We hope you like it!