Within the context of the 3rd transnational meeting of the European KA219 ERASMUS+ project entitled “Keep on shining: a project on lighthouses” that was carried out last October in the 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion, a student photo exhibition took place on the subject the lighthouses.
More specifically, students from :
(1)IES JAROSO school of Cuevas del Almanzora region in Spain,
(2) from the Merenojan school of Kalajoki region in Finland,
(3)from the Liceo Ginnasio GB Vico of Naples in Italy
(4) from the Europaschule Gymnasium of Westerstede region in Germany and
(5) the 13th Gymnasium of Heraklion,

exposed their photos in a specially designated place of the host school, for a period of 4 days. During the exhibition, all the students and the professors of the 13th Gymnasium as well as the students’ parents, and the 17 guest students and the 8 guest professors of the other participant countries, voted for the best photograph.

The entries for the photo contest were:
(1.) Spain with 10 photos,
(2.) Italy with 10 photos,
(3.) Germany with 11 photos,
(4.) Finland with 11 photos and
(5.) the 13th Gymnasium with 14 photos.

According to the results of the vote, 9 student photos won the most votes . These photos are included in the school calendar for the year 2018, which is going to be distributed to all the participants in the European project, students and professors alike .
The results and the placement of the photos that took part in the competition are as follows:

1st Prize : Pattakos Costas, (Greece)
2nd Prize : Alessio Pagano, (Italy)
3rd Prize : Johanna Hihnala, (Finland)
4th Prize : Silja Siipola, (Finland)
5th Prize : Roberta Infascel , (Italy)
6th Prize : Anna Brunken , (Germany)
7th Prize : Aaron , (Germany)
8th Prize: Estanislao Alexis, (Greece)
9th Prize: Alexis Giannis, (Greece)


ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018b

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018c

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018

ΦΑΡΟΙ 2018a


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